Property Management

FNT Homes is a property management company that provides comprehensive services to clients looking to rent or sell their properties. We have been in the market since 2012, and have worked on over 200 projects across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates.

We are dedicated in providing exceptional customer service as well as ensuring that our clients’ needs are met at all times. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our business. from managing your property on a day-to-day basis to ensuring its long-term value through regular maintenance checks; from helping you find tenants who fit your criteria perfectly through our extensive database of potential tenants; from providing legal advice when necessary . – we do it all!
That’s what makes us different from other companies offering similar services – we take care of everything for you so that you can focus on running your business or enjoying life without having any worries about your home being rented out or sold off by someone else!

Maximize Your Property Investment

Dont Delay Call Us Today and Find Out a Real Estate that would yield Maximum Possible Return.


Why Choose FNT Homes?

Better Occupancy Rate

We guarantee all our investor that their Property would be rented quickly. we ensure  that the property in rented on Market price. Till Date the occupancy rate of our managed property is high than our competitors. all our clients trust us and are happy to continue letting us manage their property

Higher  Rental

FNT homes has been committed to ensure that all our investors get maximum return on their investments. Which is why we find the highest possible rent . this in turn generates higher return on Investment. also we ensure that the Occupants are decent and follow the community rules and regulations  

Trusted Homes

FNT homes is always providing best quality Homes to our clients.  The properties managed by FNT homes has been appreciated by the tenants and they find comfort living it.

Quality Service

Fnt homes is providing high Quality service related to the property. we are teamed up with companies who do the inspection of the property on regular basis, ensuring the property ios well managed.

Happy Tenants

Our Clients feel secure dealing with our team as our members are follwing up or regular basis. 


Unparalleled Accountability

There is no match when it comes to providing better services and following up  with landlords and tenant. which is why we have a high demand in the area we are active.

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